Project: slavery

  We need slavery. Slavery will boost the economy, and help us build a stronger nation. Goin to war will help us gain slaves and we will use them to escape from poverty. With slaves/ prisoners of war we can boost production of crops and resources. We can also sell slaves to other countries as another income of cash flow. Slavery is an economically effective method of production that could be used to a variety of jobs, including industrial, mine, and agricultural labor. Slavery also had the potential to generate a huge amount of money. Slaves have to be provided with food, clothing, and medical attention as needed.  slaves will lack legal ability and forbid them from possessing property. we will  set the rules for their unions, funerals, penalties, and the requirements they have to fulfil in order to be set free. Along with giving sailors work, the slave trade will make tribal leaders and the tribes as a whole richer and help them develop their economies. Additionally, it will facilitate communication between tribe chiefs and other international leaders. Both sides’ economies will benefit from this. One of the most significant economic and trade-related driving forces in Africa and its neighboring nations is the slave trade. Accepting slavery will only help us and others. Another great reason for the slave trade is our people want commoditites, like sugar from the french colonies. However, why would we make our people work in those harsh rural conditions of the french colonies. We can also treat these slaves better with “the black codes”. They will receive many benefits from these Laws. In all French colonies, the sixty articles of this Code will govern the life, death, acquisition, religion, and handling of slaves by their owners. It stipulated that the slaves must receive Catholic religious instruction and be baptized. It forbids owners from forcing slaves to labor on Sundays and other holy days. Slaves have to be provided with food, clothing, and medical attention as needed. It asserts that slaves lacked legal ability and forbade them from possessing property. It also sets the rules for their unions, funerals, punishments, and the requirements they have to fulfil in order to be released from prison. Although they don’t have freedom of religion, they must be baptised in the Catholic religion.  To be baptised means that you can enter heaven. Article XXVII states the slaves can retire and all the  medical benefits.  And if a slave is abandoned by their masters, they will be awarded a trip to the hospital to be paid for by the slave owner. Article XLIII Will criminally prosecute the master if they kill a slave.  This protects the slave from murder. One could argue that many of the slaves do not have the food, shelter, medical treatment, retirement, and days of rest that these articles guarantee to slaves In there countries. So therefore we can boost our economy, other countries economies, trade, recourses, in a more progresive way while maybe giving the slaves a better life than they once had. Plus they can retire and live life as a free man in a much better economy than now.

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