Accessibility in OpenLab

SUNY Oneonta is committed to providing equal access to information by ensuring our digital content is accessible by everyone regardless of physical, sensory or cognitive ability. The SUNY Oneonta OpenLab is a place where students, faculty and staff can share course projects, build organization websites or create individual portfolios. Part of teaching students to share on the web is also teaching them about accessibility and about the current standards WCAG 2.1.

If you are having any issues with the accessibility of a website or webpage on the OpenLab, please reach out to our Information Technology Service Desk at 607-436-4567 or email We will connect with the site owner / content creator and try to work through any issues.

Accessible Content

When working with students in the OpenLab, we strive to teach them the same basics of accessibility that we hold our faculty and staff to. Visit the SUNY Oneonta Electronic Accessibility Statement to see examples of resources provided by the campus on accessibility. The WCAG 2.1 at a Glance website is an excellent, non-technical summary and description of website accessibility, with additional links to the detailed specification.

To help our students, faculty, and staff identify potential accessibility errors in the content they produce, we have installed on the OpenLab an accessibility checker called Editoria11y. Developed by Princeton University, Editoria11y acts as an accessibility “spell check” highlighting potential issues. If you experience issues accessing sites or pages on the OpenLab please contact us so that we can work with the content creator to get you an accessible version of the content.

Accessible Systems

When making the choice to provide web spaces for students SUNY Oneonta did an accessibility review of OpenLab. The OpenLab strives to comply to WCAG 2.0 level AAA. On the Commons in a Box accessibility information page, the developers of the OpenLab list their accessibility considerations, including the ability to zoom, color contrast in the default themes. They manually test the OpenLab platform for standard keyboard/tab navigation and screen reader accessibility.

Because Commons in a Box OpenLab builds on the features of WordPress Multisite, please also view the Accessibility Statement of WordPress.

At Oneonta, we only install themes that have the “Accessibility Ready” badge from We strive to make only accessible choices available to students, faculty and staff and review those periodically.