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Hello my name is Konstantinos Mitsotakis, and i am here to talk about acid rain. I was born in Crete in 1918 into a family who spent almost a century deeply involved in Greek politics. I was educated in law at the University of Athens and I was elected into The Greek government in 1946 and have served in various capacities since then. The effect of acid rain and air pollution on my country’s culture and main tourist attraction is detrimental to our economy. 


My nation Greece wants 2 billion from this transaction. We believe this is a fair amount because acid rain is destroying our major incomes. For those of you who don’t know, Acid rain is Any sort of precipitation that descends to the earth from the sky and contains acidic elements is referred to as rain. It could be damp or dry. Nitric and sulfuric acids are produced when nitrous oxide (NOx) and sulphur (SO2) are emitted into the atmosphere and react with water. These substances may be transported hundreds of kilometres by air currents. They return to the planet as rain, sleet, hail, snow, and dust.Our monuments, statues and every culture is being destroyed every minute and there is nothing we can do except stop these destructive countries from creating pollution which creates acid rain. “Central Europe is a region seriously damaged by acid industrial emissions, as demonstrated by increased rates of corrosion“ (Central Europe sources of acidity nature) Marbles are being eroded by acid rain, and historic walls and temples have structural issues as a result of droughts or heavy rainfall. Despite the fact that Acropolis hill, in which the Parthenon is located, is undoubtedly Greece’s finest preserved ancient city, there are indications that the buildings there are being impacted more and more by climate change.  The main issue in Greece, particularly in Athens, is air pollution. The acropolis, the crown gem of Greek culture, is being badly harmed by air pollution brought on by automobile emissions. Since I have spent a large portion of my life in Athens, I have personally witnessed the effects. It is difficult to understand how auto exhaust can harm a structure so quickly after withstanding 2000 years of conflict and assault. Over 400000 people a year visit Greece and expect the best tourist attractions. How can we give this to them while air pollution  keeps getting worse and worse. The (ancient cities) walls are eroding more rapidly than in the past, our sculptures are eroding quicker, and our people are getting hungry. Action must be done to stop this at once. 

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