Project: Research project assignment 1

#2) The global history of Africa is a lot and many people don’t actually really know the history of Africa. Africa is the second largest continent after Asia. Central Africa is on the Equator and drained by the Congo river system. The landscapes of central Africa is beautiful and are most often wide plateaus which are smooth parts. There are some parts of central Africa that lie with the Chad basin which is the northern central Africa republic. Humankind had made great tools the most famous of the tools was Acheulian knives, scientist had called it and as know as the “hand axes”. this tool was used to skin animals and cut their meat into chunks that were able to be chewed raw. Central Africa has three broad time zones during the earliest from a million years, early humans sought shelter and food throughout the regions and most likely the forest as well. there where many time zones for many phase of people that would all do something different.

#3) Britannia academic central Africa

#4) the main search of this article was the society and economy and central Africa

#5) I choose the word “miombo” which is known as dry tropical forest in the southeast

Q) What did they used to make their tools out of?

A) They use to make it with some type of stone

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