Project: End the killing of Anabaptist

My name is Stephen Eiselin, I am a Guild Master of the Shopkeepers Guild. I make a fine living for myself selling basic household needs like candles, soap, leather, hats and brushes. Anabaptism is wrong and by no means should be condemned.  The anabaptist should be punished but, I do not believe it is a crime punishable by death. The death penalty is not the right way to punish Anabaptist. Who are we to decide when their time has come. These are not murderers or thieves, there misguided and It is our duty to clean the uncleansed. In the end, God will decide whether they get sent to Heaven or hell. These ways of public atrocities like the hanging of people. The decapitation. The burning at the steak. Its simply barbaric, it serves nothing to society. We are in a modern era using old methods of punishment.  We need to change for the best. With this old way of thinking our society can only become more savage. We can lose the world that we know and love. The one God made for us. Public execution is an old way of thinking.  Don’t get me wrong my fellow councilmen, this heresy will be tolerated. but we need a new approach to punishing the heretics.  As a solution I present a new form and system of punishment. God is a man of forgiveness, a man of seeing the best in all our tampered souls. He sees the light in all of us, that’s why I believe we can create a rehabilitation center in a sense. The standard punishment should be 5 years of private and public imprisonment. After the 5 years they should be given the chance of rehabilitation. If they so, choose to continue believing in their heresy they will be granted a second trial in which future punishments will be established. Punishments can include longer imprisonment, exiling, or even torture. Church with be mandatory for the imprisoned. This way the tampered can be cleaned under the name of God. this way they at least have a chance to be one with the true religion and God.

If they do not comply, why should we stop at the death penalty? Let’s take it a step further. Those who are succumbed to death by decapitation which eventually leads to hell, shall experience an alternative hell. A personal hell filled with pain and sorrow, regret and envy, emptiness and hopelessness. A hell designed to teach you your mistakes have consequences. This hell I refer to is imprisonment. A place where you spend the rest of your life wondering what went wrong. Simply, it’s a life filled with emotional torture. The act of decapitating someone doesn’t enforce them to dwell on the life they lived WHILE living that life. Instead, it gives you an out. Death by decapitation forces you to leave the life that you impacted. It doesn’t give you the chance to better yourself by thinking and replaying your mistakes like a broken record. How shall we change the word if we don’t enforce real change? Death by decapitation is cowardly. You want these misguided people to find their path, you show them what’s waiting for them at the end of the road. And at the end of that road, is a prison, or shall I say a personal hell filled with all the things that mankind fears most. You want a punishment that fits the crime? Create one. Create a prison. Don’t let them get off easy with death, proclaim a newfound method of control and obedience. This place we call a personal hell isn’t necessarily the end of life. Rather it is a new beginning for those who have wronged others. It’s a place for healing, a way to reinvent ourselves to be the best version of ourselves. Why are we so quick to resort to a life where violence is the only option? Isn’t God all about love and forgiveness? How can we forgive those who have wronged us when we haven’t given them a chance to be forgiven? These questions go hand and hand with everything that is wrong with our approach to punishment. Its not how fast we cut off our demons, or in this case our anabaptist, it’s how we deal with them that makes a true impact on society. Lets take a look at death by decapitation from an even further perspective. How do we deal with those who we have wrongfully accused? Considering that they are deceased now, how do we save them and bring them back into the life they were so undeservingly ripped away from? Death by decapitation took care of that to the point where we made sure they no-longer had a place on earth. So, what are our options then? If we weren’t so quick to kill, but instead we took these misguided souls and guided them to a place where they can 8focus on the meaning of morality, we wouldn’t have any innocent deaths. The wrongfully accused who were imprisoned could then go back to their families and the home they were just taken away from. But those who were dead due to decapitation, don’t have that choice. They can no-longer go back to a place they once loved because they are now gone. Yes, they could have been brought to a heaven or hell based on good and evil, but that heaven and hell was not our choice. It was a choice made by people who believe that a brutal death is the only way to cleanse our earth of misguided souls. What if this was you? Proven innocent, would you have wanted someone to make that choice for you? Or proven guilty, wouldn’t you rather restore your life and form it into an inspiration to better society?


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