Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is the controlling, manipulation and harm of one person by another whom they have a close relationship with. This violence usually occurs in homes and is not known by the public. Domestic violence impacts numerous women and children everyday.

we need slavery

  We need slavery. Slavery will boost the economy, and help us build a stronger nation. Goin to war will help us gain slaves and we will use them to escape from poverty. With slaves/ prisoners of war we can boost production of crops and resources. We can also sell slaves to other countries as another income of cash flow. Slavery is an economically effective method of production that could be used to a variety of jobs, including industrial, mine, and agricultural labor. Slavery also had the potential to generate a huge amount of money. Slaves have to be provided with food, clothing, and medical attention as needed.  slaves will lack legal ability and forbid them from possessing property. we will  set the rules for their unions, funerals, penalties, and the requirements they have to fulfil in order to be set free. Along with giving sailors work, the slave trade will make tribal leaders and the tribes as a whole richer and help them develop their economies. Additionally, it will facilitate communication between tribe chiefs and other international leaders. Both sides’ economies will benefit from this. One of the most significant economic and trade-related driving forces in Africa and its neighboring nations is the slave trade. Accepting slavery will only help us and others. Another great reason for the slave trade is our people want commoditites, like sugar from the french colonies. However, why would we make our people work in those harsh rural conditions of the french colonies. We can also treat these slaves better with “the black codes”. They will receive many benefits from these Laws. In all French colonies, the sixty articles of this Code will govern the life, death, acquisition, religion, and handling of slaves by their owners. It stipulated that the slaves must receive Catholic religious instruction and be baptized. It forbids owners from forcing slaves to labor on Sundays and other holy days. Slaves have to be provided with food, clothing, and medical attention as needed. It asserts that slaves lacked legal ability and forbade them from possessing property. It also sets the rules for their unions, funerals, punishments, and the requirements they have to fulfil in order to be released from prison. Although they don’t have freedom of religion, they must be baptised in the Catholic religion.  To be baptised means that you can enter heaven. Article XXVII states the slaves can retire and all the  medical benefits.  And if a slave is abandoned by their masters, they will be awarded a trip to the hospital to be paid for by the slave owner. Article XLIII Will criminally prosecute the master if they kill a slave.  This protects the slave from murder. One could argue that many of the slaves do not have the food, shelter, medical treatment, retirement, and days of rest that these articles guarantee to slaves In there countries. So therefore we can boost our economy, other countries economies, trade, recourses, in a more progresive way while maybe giving the slaves a better life than they once had. Plus they can retire and live life as a free man in a much better economy than now.

Stop Air Pollution

Hello my name is Konstantinos Mitsotakis, and i am here to talk about acid rain. I was born in Crete in 1918 into a family who spent almost a century deeply involved in Greek politics. I was educated in law at the University of Athens and I was elected into The Greek government in 1946 and have served in various capacities since then. The effect of acid rain and air pollution on my country’s culture and main tourist attraction is detrimental to our economy. 


My nation Greece wants 2 billion from this transaction. We believe this is a fair amount because acid rain is destroying our major incomes. For those of you who don’t know, Acid rain is Any sort of precipitation that descends to the earth from the sky and contains acidic elements is referred to as rain. It could be damp or dry. Nitric and sulfuric acids are produced when nitrous oxide (NOx) and sulphur (SO2) are emitted into the atmosphere and react with water. These substances may be transported hundreds of kilometres by air currents. They return to the planet as rain, sleet, hail, snow, and dust.Our monuments, statues and every culture is being destroyed every minute and there is nothing we can do except stop these destructive countries from creating pollution which creates acid rain. “Central Europe is a region seriously damaged by acid industrial emissions, as demonstrated by increased rates of corrosion“ (Central Europe sources of acidity nature) Marbles are being eroded by acid rain, and historic walls and temples have structural issues as a result of droughts or heavy rainfall. Despite the fact that Acropolis hill, in which the Parthenon is located, is undoubtedly Greece’s finest preserved ancient city, there are indications that the buildings there are being impacted more and more by climate change.  The main issue in Greece, particularly in Athens, is air pollution. The acropolis, the crown gem of Greek culture, is being badly harmed by air pollution brought on by automobile emissions. Since I have spent a large portion of my life in Athens, I have personally witnessed the effects. It is difficult to understand how auto exhaust can harm a structure so quickly after withstanding 2000 years of conflict and assault. Over 400000 people a year visit Greece and expect the best tourist attractions. How can we give this to them while air pollution  keeps getting worse and worse. The (ancient cities) walls are eroding more rapidly than in the past, our sculptures are eroding quicker, and our people are getting hungry. Action must be done to stop this at once. 

Absolute monarch

Absolute monarch


          While a  constitutional monarchy can be helpful in some ways, here’s why an absolute monarchy can be better. It enables speedier decision-making. The king has control over both his people and his territory. Making laws is simplified by it.  In an absolutist monarchy, just one individual has decision-making authority. Planning and achieving long-term objectives is made possible.  A king has unending power. They thus establish long-term strategies. In some respects, this is good for the country since it won’t probably be abandoned, unlike when a new leader takes power and thinks the plan is not important enough to pursue.


          King Louis XVI has made some poor legislative decisions recently. But we should believe in him and maintain the old constitution. Everybody makes mistakes. Think about his accomplishments. Firstly he was set up for failure from the start and he was able to control damage. There wasn’t much anybody could have achieved to alter the fact that France’s political atmosphere was primed for revolution. Louis XV’s France was heavily indebted as a result of its defeat within the Seven Years  War. In the 1780s, a sudden wave of crop failures led to acute bread shortages. The old tax system was incredibly unjust, with the lower classes carrying the majority of the burden while the nobility was exempt from paying taxes. At this period, the principles of the Enlightenment started to truly take root and led to revolutionary thought.

He’s more unlucky than a bad king. He was tolourent to religion. He’s never discriminated against someone of another religion. In 1787 he proved that with his Edict of Tolerance. “Louis XVI changed this with his 1787 Edict of Tolerance. His signing of the Edict granted non-Catholics in France the right to nondiscrimination based on their faith and civil status so that they could register marriages, births, and deaths and own property.”  The edict of tolerance is a huge step for civil rights. King Louis XVI also supported the Treaty of Alliance in 1778, which promised an alliance between the US and France in the event that Britain started a war. He also informed Britain that France had recognized the colonies independence. Four days later, when Britain formally declared war, Louis responded by delivering supplies and weapons to the American revolutionaries across the Atlantic.”King louis XVI got some revenge by intervening in the american revolution, assisting the upstart patriots in their war for independence.”(Jennifer Popiel and Mark C. Carnes, pg 43) French commanders, like the Marquis de Lafayette, were also recruited to fight alongside the Americans. He abolished toture for answers. Torture is a barbric way of thinking. A part of the old world. Louis is a man of tolerance and acceptance. He abolished the labour tax. A recurring element of Louis XVI’s reign was upsetting the nobility in an endeavour to appease and assist the common people. He desired the affection of his citizens, but the nobility were a formidable force. He promoted enlightenment. Louis XVI sought to spread intellectualism since he was such a brilliant example of it. He supposedly possessed one of the largest private libraries of the day, was fluent in French, English, and Italian, and excelled in Latin, astronomy, history, and geography. He also apparently had a vast knowledge of languages. In 1774, he created the L’Académie et le Collège de Chirurgie, a medical institution. He also abbolished the death penalty for deserters. In line with his liberal outlook, Louis removed the fear of the death penalty and granted unusually long periods of tolerance to army deserters. This was a part of an effort to give his men some initiative rather than creating an army of drones. He also abolished Serfdom. A vocal opposition to serfdom pointed out the inhumanity of the process and in 1779 Louis abolished serfdom on all land that was under royal control. He hoped that it would encourage other landowners to do the same. He also abolished the labour tax. They were expected to perform 14 days of enforced, unpaid work to construct and maintain the nation’s roadways, which serves as yet another illustration of the poor position of French peasants in the middle of the 18th century. The corvee en nature was abolished and replaced with a land tax under Louis XVI and the finance comptroller, Anne-Robert-Jacques Turgot, who also happened to be friends with Voltaire. He also adopted 6 out of his 10 kids. If you look at history, king louis XVI is not a bad king, in fact he’s a great king. Why would we take his power away when he can save us and fix the disastrous state we are in. He wanted to be loved by his people, but the nobles don’t like him. He’s knowledgeable and a great king, why fix someone that isn’t broken?


End The Death Penelty

My name is Stephen Eiselin, I am a Guild Master of the Shopkeepers Guild. I make a fine living for myself selling basic household needs like candles, soap, leather, hats and brushes. Anabaptism is wrong and by no means should be condemned.  The anabaptist should be punished but, I do not believe it is a crime punishable by death. The death penalty is not the right way to punish Anabaptist. Who are we to decide when their time has come. These are not murderers or thieves, there misguided and It is our duty to clean the uncleansed. In the end, God will decide whether they get sent to Heaven or hell. These ways of public atrocities like the hanging of people. The decapitation. The burning at the steak. Its simply barbaric, it serves nothing to society. We are in a modern era using old methods of punishment.  We need to change for the best. With this old way of thinking our society can only become more savage. We can lose the world that we know and love. The one God made for us. Public execution is an old way of thinking.  Don’t get me wrong my fellow councilmen, this heresy will be tolerated. but we need a new approach to punishing the heretics.  As a solution I present a new form and system of punishment. God is a man of forgiveness, a man of seeing the best in all our tampered souls. He sees the light in all of us, that’s why I believe we can create a rehabilitation center in a sense. The standard punishment should be 5 years of private and public imprisonment. After the 5 years they should be given the chance of rehabilitation. If they so, choose to continue believing in their heresy they will be granted a second trial in which future punishments will be established. Punishments can include longer imprisonment, exiling, or even torture. Church with be mandatory for the imprisoned. This way the tampered can be cleaned under the name of God. this way they at least have a chance to be one with the true religion and God.

If they do not comply, why should we stop at the death penalty? Let’s take it a step further. Those who are succumbed to death by decapitation which eventually leads to hell, shall experience an alternative hell. A personal hell filled with pain and sorrow, regret and envy, emptiness and hopelessness. A hell designed to teach you your mistakes have consequences. This hell I refer to is imprisonment. A place where you spend the rest of your life wondering what went wrong. Simply, it’s a life filled with emotional torture. The act of decapitating someone doesn’t enforce them to dwell on the life they lived WHILE living that life. Instead, it gives you an out. Death by decapitation forces you to leave the life that you impacted. It doesn’t give you the chance to better yourself by thinking and replaying your mistakes like a broken record. How shall we change the word if we don’t enforce real change? Death by decapitation is cowardly. You want these misguided people to find their path, you show them what’s waiting for them at the end of the road. And at the end of that road, is a prison, or shall I say a personal hell filled with all the things that mankind fears most. You want a punishment that fits the crime? Create one. Create a prison. Don’t let them get off easy with death, proclaim a newfound method of control and obedience. This place we call a personal hell isn’t necessarily the end of life. Rather it is a new beginning for those who have wronged others. It’s a place for healing, a way to reinvent ourselves to be the best version of ourselves. Why are we so quick to resort to a life where violence is the only option? Isn’t God all about love and forgiveness? How can we forgive those who have wronged us when we haven’t given them a chance to be forgiven? These questions go hand and hand with everything that is wrong with our approach to punishment. Its not how fast we cut off our demons, or in this case our anabaptist, it’s how we deal with them that makes a true impact on society. Lets take a look at death by decapitation from an even further perspective. How do we deal with those who we have wrongfully accused? Considering that they are deceased now, how do we save them and bring them back into the life they were so undeservingly ripped away from? Death by decapitation took care of that to the point where we made sure they no-longer had a place on earth. So, what are our options then? If we weren’t so quick to kill, but instead we took these misguided souls and guided them to a place where they can 8focus on the meaning of morality, we wouldn’t have any innocent deaths. The wrongfully accused who were imprisoned could then go back to their families and the home they were just taken away from. But those who were dead due to decapitation, don’t have that choice. They can no-longer go back to a place they once loved because they are now gone. Yes, they could have been brought to a heaven or hell based on good and evil, but that heaven and hell was not our choice. It was a choice made by people who believe that a brutal death is the only way to cleanse our earth of misguided souls. What if this was you? Proven innocent, would you have wanted someone to make that choice for you? Or proven guilty, wouldn’t you rather restore your life and form it into an inspiration to better society?


central Africa/ early society and economy

#2) The global history of Africa is a lot and many people don’t actually really know the history of Africa. Africa is the second largest continent after Asia. Central Africa is on the Equator and drained by the Congo river system. The landscapes of central Africa is beautiful and are most often wide plateaus which are smooth parts. There are some parts of central Africa that lie with the Chad basin which is the northern central Africa republic. Humankind had made great tools the most famous of the tools was Acheulian knives, scientist had called it and as know as the “hand axes”. this tool was used to skin animals and cut their meat into chunks that were able to be chewed raw. Central Africa has three broad time zones during the earliest from a million years, early humans sought shelter and food throughout the regions and most likely the forest as well. there where many time zones for many phase of people that would all do something different.

#3) Britannia academic central Africa

#4) the main search of this article was the society and economy and central Africa

#5) I choose the word “miombo” which is known as dry tropical forest in the southeast

Q) What did they used to make their tools out of?

A) They use to make it with some type of stone

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